Best 12 Tata Cars in The USA

Tata cars in the USA : As you know that Tata Motors is an Indian company and Tata also has 2 more motor brands named Jaguar and Land Rover.
You will not find Tata Motors car in USA, the reason behind this is the matured USA motor market. The new motor company in USA may have to suffer a lot, due to which Tata will not sell its cars in USA.

But you can buy other Tata Motor Cars in USA. The 3 largest motor companies in America are Ford, GMC and FCA. Apart from these Toyota, Honda, Nissan, VW and Hyundai also dominate the USA Motor market.

This company has been in America for a long time. Toyota and Honda Motor Company came to the USA in the year 1950 and 1960 and Hyundai Motor Cars has been there for 35 years but still this company is struggling to make its place in USA Motor Market.

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Tata cars in the USA : Jaguar and Landrover

Tata Cars in the USA : Jagua and Landrover – Jaguar and Land Rover are two such brands which are in great demand in the USA market. Both of them are luxury brands and this motor brand belongs to Tata Motors. If you want to buy Tata cars, then you can buy Jaguar and Land Rover in America.

In America, you will find many models of Jaguar and Land Rover. You can easily find Jaguar sedan, sports and SUV models in the USA. You will find 5 models of Jaguar in USA namely Jaguar F-Pace, E-Pace, I-Pace, F-Type and Jaguar XF.

You will find 7 Land Rover models in USA namely, New Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery, Discovery Sport and Defender.

12 Tata Cars in the USA

12 Tata Cars in The USA

12 Tata Cars in USA are

Jaguar F-Pace




Jaguar XF

New Range Rover

Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Velar

Rane Rover Evoque


Discovery Sport


People also ask

Are Tata cars available in USA?

Tata Motors is not available in USA but other Tata company Jaguar and Land Rover cars are available in USA. You can buy luxury cars of Jaguar and Land Rover in America.

Is Tata cars available outside India?

Yes, Tata Motors is a very big motor company and their cars are also available outside India in 124 countries which includes big countries like UK, Italy.

Is BMW owned by Tata?

No, engineer Stephen Quandt has a 29% stake in the BMW company, Stephen Quandt’s sister Susan Clayton holds 21% and the remaining 50% is with a public investor

Which cars are owned by Tata?

Tata Motors manufactures both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Passenger Vehicles Model

  1. Tata Tiago (2015–present)
  2. Tata Tigor (2016–present)
  3. Tata Nexon (2017–present)
  4. Tata Hexa (2017–2019)
  5. Tata Harrier (2018–present)
  6. Tata Altroz (2020–present)
  7. Tata Nexon EV (2020–present)
  8. Tata Safari (2021–present)
  9. Tata Tigor EV (2021–present)
  10. Tata Punch (2021–present)

Commercial Vehicles

  1. Tata Ace
  2. Tata Ace Zip
  3. Tata Super Ace
  4. Tata Intra
  5. Tata TL/Telcoline/207 pick-up truck
  6. Tata 407 Ex and Ex2
  7. Tata 709 Ex
  8. Tata 807 (Steel cabin chassis, cowl chassis, medium bus chassis, steel cabin + steel body chassis)
  9. Tata 809 Ex and Ex2
  10. Tata 909 Ex and Ex2
  11. Tata 1210 SE and SFC (Semi Forward)
  12. Tata 1210 LP (Long Plate)
  13. Tata 1109 (Intermediate truck/ LCV bus)
  14. Tata 1512c (medium bus chassis)
  15. Tata 1515c/1615 (medium bus chassis)
  16. Tata 1612c/1616c/1618c (heavy bus chassis)
  17. Tata 1618 (semilow-floor bus chassis)
  18. Tata 1623 (rear-engined low-floor bus chassis)
  19. Tata 1518C (Medium truck) 10 ton
  20. Tata 1613/1615c (medium truck)
  21. Tata 1616/1618c (heavy duty truck)
  22. Tata 2515c/2516c,2518c (heavy duty 10 wheeler truck)
  23. Tata Starbus (branded buses for city, intercity, school bus, and standard passenger transportation)
  24. Tata Divo (Hispano Divo)
  25. Tata CityRide (12- to 20-seater buses for intracity use)
  26. Tata 3015 (heavy truck)
  27. Tata 3118 (heavy truck) (8×2)
  28. Tata 3516 (heavy truck)
  29. Tata 4018 (heavy truck)
  30. Tata 4923 (ultraheavy truck) (6×4)
  31. Tata Novus
  32. Tata Prima
  33. Tata Ultra (ICV Segment)
  34. Tata Winger – Maxivan

Tata Cars Price list

Tata Tiago 5.0 Lakh – 7.07 Lakh.

Tata Tigor 5.67 Lakh – 7.84 Lakh.

Tata Nexon 7.29 lakh – 13.34 Lakh.

Tata Hexa 13.69 Lakh – 19.25 Lakh.

Tata Harrier 14.39 Lakh – 21.19 Lakh.

Tata Altroz 5.89 Lakh – 9.64 Lakh.

Tata Nexon EV 14.24 Lakh – 16.85 Lakh.

Tata Safari 14.99 Lakh – 23.19 Lakh.

Tata Tigor EV 11.99 Lakh – 13.14 Lakh.

Tata Punch 5.48 Lakh – 9.08 Lakh.

Tata Motors export countries

United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Turkey.

Tata Electric car

Tata Motors has only 2 electric cars available as of now, namely the Tata Tigor EV priced at Rs. 11.99 – 13.14 Lakh and the other car is Tata Nexon EV priced at Rs. 14.24 – 16.85 lakhs.

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