Ecuador vs Brazil

Ecuador vs Brazil

Ecuador vs Brazil : So far 14 matches have been played between Ecuador and Brazil football team, in which Brazil has won 9 matches and Ecuador has won only 1 match. Out of 14 matches, 4 matches have been drawn.

31 goals have been scored in 14 matches played between the two teams, in which Brazil team has scored 24 goals and Ecuador’s team has scored 7 goals.

In the football match played on 28 January 2022, both the teams scored 1–1 goals and the match ended in a draw.
The match was played for FIFA World Cup qualification which ended in a draw.

Casemiro scored the first goal of the match for his team in the sixth minute of the match and gave his team a 0–1 lead in the first half.
Felix Torres scored for his team in 75 minutes of the match and brought his team to level. In the end the match ended in a 1-1 draw.

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