How many types of computers are there?

How many Types of computers are there

There are 7 Types of Computers

  • Super Computer
  • Mainframe computer
  • Server Computer
  • Workstation computer
  • Personal Computer
  • Microcontroller Computer
  • Smartphones


A supercomputer is called a supercomputer because it is the most intelligent and fastest running computer.

Super Computer

These computers are very expensive, so not everyone can buy these computers.

Supercomputers are much faster than other computers. They are also very large in size.

These computers are used to solve science and engineering problems.

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This computer uses more than one CPU at the same time, due to which these computers work very fast.

With the help of this computer you can do up to ten trillion individual calculations in a second.

Example Supercomputers:

K Computer



The mainframe computer, also known as the “big iron”, closely resembles the mainframe computer and the supercomputer.


These computers are also very large in size like super computers and the cost of these computers is also very high.

Mainframe computers can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, while supercomputers do not.

Supercomputers focus on very few tasks.

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The size of these computers is so large that a large room is required to house these computers.

These computers also work very fast. Often employed by large organizations such as census, industry and consumer statistics, enterprise resource planning and transaction processing.

Server computer

Server computers store data and programs. This computer is also called a network server.

Server computer

This computer allows connected users to share electronic data and applications.

Servers are of two types: file server and application server.

In these computers you cannot solve complex problems like supercomputers and mainframe computers. This computer solves small problems easily.

Workstation computer

These computers are designed for only one user, these computers can only have one user at a time.

Workstation computer

These computers are very expensive and are high end computers. These computers are used to solve complex problems of science, mathematics and engineering.

These computers are also used in the design and manufacture of computers. Actual workstations are not commonly sold in retail, but this is starting to change; Apple’s Mac Pro would be considered a workstation.

A personal computer (PC)

PC whose full name is personal computer. These computers are specifically designed for personal use.

A personal computer (PC)

These computers are not very expensive and anyone can buy them very easily.

These computers are commonly used more at home and office.

You can use these computers as productivity tools, media servers, and gaming machines.

Microcontroller Computer

These computers are very small in size but in these computers you can store a lot of data. This is a Minicomputer.

Microcontroller Computer

For example, your car’s computer is an embedded system. A common microcontroller that can come across one is called Arduino.


The smartphone is also a computer. It combines cellular and mobile computing functions into one unit.


You can store a lot of data in a smartphone and easily share it with other people.

It is considered to be a very good computer because it does not cost much and is a very good device for less money.

With the help of this device you can enjoy photos, videos and internet.

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It is such a small device that you can easily keep it in your pants pocket.

In today’s time, almost every other person has a smartphone device, with the help of which he can talk to others in an easy way. Through phone then through internet.


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