How to Pay E Challan Online

How to Pay E Challan Online : Technology is being used a lot in India. India is also upgrading the country’s traffic department, you must have seen that cameras are installed on the roads, with the help of which if you are driving at high speed then your challan is deducted and you do not even know.

Sometimes you break the traffic rules and your challan gets deducted. Now if you violate any traffic rule then your challan will come directly to your home.

In this article we are going to tell you how to pay e challan online, how to know whether challan was deducted or not, what to do if the wrong challan is deducted, what is e-challan, e challan payment, e-challan purpose, Process to Check E-Challan Status, E-Challan Payment Mode, Key Benefits of E-Challan and many more. We will share with you every information related to E Challan.

What is E Challan

Every single government department in India is going digital, hence the concept of an e-invoicing system has been introduced. This challan is issued through the computer. Whenever you violate any traffic rule, your e-challan will be deducted, which will reach your home directly. The Government of India has started this process to make transport services convenient, easy and transparent for the general public.

With the help of an e-challan, you can pay your challan from your home, you will no longer have to go to the police station to pay the challan. With the help of an e-challan, you can avoid cash transactions.

How does e challan work?

A lot of effort has been put into making India completely digital today. E-invoicing system is the biggest example of this. You must have seen rooms on the roads, with the help of those rooms the traffic police keep an eye on you.

Whenever you are caught violating any traffic rule the traffic police will see the crime footage from CCTV and record it in their books, get details like name, full address, contact number, vehicle details.

If found guilty, you will receive a message informing you about the amount of fee to be paid.

How to Pay E challan Online

After the vehicle e-challan is issued to you, you will now have to pay the challan to avoid legal hassle. There are two types of challan payment in India, one online which you can do from your home, and the other offline which you can do by going to the police station or by going to the court. We are going to tell you about the method of online payment of e-challan.

  • You have to visit the official website of your state transport. For example- West Bengal Transport official website is where you can pay fee wherever you live in West Bengal.
  • Now you will have to select that option for the violation for which your challan has been deducted.
  • Suppose you have been challan for not wearing a helmet, then you must have chosen the option of not wearing a helmet.
  • After that you will have to take further action and give the registration number of your vehicle.
  • Then you can also pay your challan using your Debit Card, Credit Card or Paytm Wallet. After paying the challan you will get the receipt which you can download.
  • After the payment is processed successfully, you will receive an SMS confirming your payment for Vahan E Challan.

What happens if you don’t pay the vehicle e challan?

If you are not paying your e-challan or paying the e-challan penalty within the time limit, a summon is sent to your residential address where you will be called. You will be interrogated before a judge. If you do not even go to court or pay your e-challan, then your driving license will be suspended.

How to Check Status of E Challan?

Whenever your challan is deducted then a message will come on your phone in which full details of challan will be given, if your challan has been deducted and you do not have any kind of email message then you go to the official website of ‘e-challan transport’ and there With this you can find out whether your challan has been cut or not.

  • Visit the Official Website of ‘E-Challan Transport’
  • Click on ‘Check Online Service’ on the service bar menu
  • Click on ‘Check Invoice Status’ from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your details to check challan status. You can choose Challan No. or Vehicle No. or DL ​​No.


We hope that you have got all the information related to e-challan. In the article you have been told, How to Pay E Challan Online, What is E Challan, How does e challan work, What happens if you don’t pay the vehicle e challan, How to Check Status of E-Challan if you need more information If you want, you can ask us by commenting.

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