Renault Triber India

Renault Triber India: The Renault Triber was launched in India on 28 August 2019. The Renault Triber is being well-liked in India. It is a 7 seater compact SUV. Low-cost cars are very much popular in India, hence The Renault Triber is very much liked in India. The Renault Triber is a low-cost compact SUV, until 2 months after its launch, the car had sold more than 10,000 units and now the demand is increasing to buy this car in some big cities customers are being kept on the waiting list for 2 months.

Renault Triber price

Renault Triber Price: In India, the base model of Renault Tribe is priced at 4.95 lakhs and its top model RXz AMT is priced at 7 lakhs.
Renault Tribe Price List
Renault RXE price: Rs. 4.95 lakh
Renault RXL price: Rs. 5.59 lakh
Renault RXT price: Rs. 6. 09 lakh
Renault RXZ  price: Rs. 6.63 Lakh
Renault RXz AMT price: Rs. 7 Lakh
Renault triber price in Chandigarh: Base model price in Chandigarh is Rs 4.93 lakh and the top model price in Chandigarh is 6.63 lakh

Renault Triber colors

Renault Triber Colors: Renault Triber has been launched in 5 different colors in India, namely
Electric Blue, Fiery Red, Moonlight Silver, Ice Cool White, Metal Mustard.

Renault triber mileage

Renault Triber Mileage: In terms of mileage, the mileage of this vehicle is 20 km per liter. It is an SUV car, so the mileage of this vehicle will not be much but the mileage of this vehicle is much better than the rest of the 7 seater car.

Renault triber automatic

Renault Triber Automatic: The manual version of Renault Tribe has been launched in India so far. The automatic version of this vehicle is expected to be launched in January.

Renault triber engine

Renault Triber Engine: In the Renault Tribe, you get a petrol engine that is 999cc and the top speed of result Triber is 150++.

Renault triber variants

Renault Triber Variants:Renault Tribe car comes in 5 variants named as
Renault Triber RXE
Renault Triber RXL
Renault Triber RXT
Renault Triber RXZ
Renault Triber RXZ AMT

Renault Triber Dimensions

Renault Triber Dimensions: The Renault Triber has a length of 3,990 mm, width 1,793 mm, and height is 1,643 mm. Renault has a tyre size of 185/65 R15.

Renault triber ground clearance

Renault triber ground clearance: The Renault Tribar’s ground clearance is 182 mm.

Renault triber height

Renault Triber Height: The Renault Triber’s height is 1,643mm.

Renault Triber BS6

Renault triber Bs6: Renault Tribe has just launched the BS6 models and the price of its base model has increased by RS 4000 and all other models have been increased by RS15,000. Now the price of Renault Tribe has been kept between 4.99 Lakh and 6.78 Lakh.

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