Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar has come under the grip of Covid 19. She herself has given this information in his profile on Instagram. Swara and her family are now in isolation. she told that she has taken double vaccine, hope that everything will be fine soon.

Test result came on 5th January

Swara wrote in her post- ‘The symptoms of covid started showing from 5 January 2022. RT-PCR test has confirmed this. I and my family are in isolation since the evening of 5th January… and I am taking all necessary precautions. I have informed about my covid to the people I met a week ago, but if anyone has come in contact with me, please get yourself tested. Wear a double mask and stay safe everyone.

Swara bhaskar corona positive

Fans trolled Swara Bhaskar

After getting infected with Corona, Sawara Bhaskar is also being trolled a lot on Twitter.

Fans trolled Swara Bhaskar

A Twitter user named Murali has written that Sawara Bhaskar has done a lot of work for Pakistan and China but he did not get any payment from both.

sawara bhaskar trolled

A user named DreamerDoer Achiever has also trolled Swara Bhaskar.

The reason for trolling fans is Sara Bhaskar’s love for Pakistan and China. Savra had said in a show in Pakistan that she loves Pakistan and she is feeling very safe here.

Savara Bhaskar remains in the headlines for one reason or the other. Due to which now the fans are trolling him.swara bhaskar tested positie for covid 19.

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