1. Set goals before investing

1. Set goals before investing

To invest in the share market, first set your goal. Assess your financial needs and set your short-term and long-term goals accordingly.

2. Understand the Basic

2. Understand the Basic

Understand the stock market before investing in it. Understand how the stock market operates and how much danger or advantage it offers initially.

3. Research

3. Research

Before buying the stock of any company, do research about that company. Find out how much debt is there in the company, is the company in profit or is incurring a loss

4. Choose Fundamentally Strong Companies

Invest the most in those companies which are fundamentally more strong. Don't Invest in Fundamentally Week Companies


Never trust and invest in any company based on rumors. Do the research on the company before investing.

6. Define profit target

There is always a stir in the stock market. As a result, it is a good idea to find out your exit price before buying a stock.


It is most beneficial to invest in the stock market through reliable intermediaries. There is no risk of fraud by investing through reliable intermediaries

8. Avoid risky low priced stocks

Always avoid low-price risky stocks while investing in stocks. These stocks are most prone to losses

9. Control your emotions

The most important thing is to control your emotions. Whenever there is a loss or gain in the stock market, you have to control your emotions.

10. Use stop loss

Learn how to trade using stop losses if you're new to the stock market. A stop loss is a pre-determined objective that you may use to limit your losses to one point.