WWE has ten unbreakable records that today's wrestlers will never be able to break. Go to the next slide to learn about the record.

The longest WWE singles match took place on May 11, 1964, between Bruno Sammartino and Waldo Von Erich, which was declared a draw after 81 minutes due to curfew.

1.Longest WWE Singles Match

Mr. Fuji and Professor Toru Tanaka vs. Chief Jay Strongbow and Sonny King was WWE's longest match. Due to limited time, the game ended in a draw after 60 minutes.

2.Longest WWE Tag-Team Match

The longest pay-per-view match in WWE history was held at Royal Rumble 2011. Alberto Del Rio won the match, which lasted 69 minutes and 52 seconds.

3.Longest WWE PPV Match

Kane holds the record for playing the most WWE matches. Kane has played 1783 matches in his entire WWE career.

4.Most WWE Matches

The record for playing most WWE PPV matches is held by Randy Orton. Randy Orton has played 181 WWE PPV matches in his career.

5.Most WWE PPV Matches

Rey Mysterio holds the record for most WWE SmackDown matches. Rey Mysterio has played 332 WWE SmackDown matches which is the biggest record ever

6.Most WWE SmackDown Matches

CM Punk (USA) holds the record for Money in the Bank Ladder Matches won by an individual wrestler with two in 2008 and 2009.

7.Record for most Money in the Bank match wins

The Undertaker owns the record for the most WWE Hell in a Cell matches played. The Undertaker has competed in 14 Hell in a Cell matches, winning eight and losing six.

8.Most WWE Hell in a Cell Matches

The record for playing the most WWE Royal Rumble matches is held by Kane, who has played 15 Royal Rumble matches, which is the most

9.Most WWE Royal Rumble Matches

The record for the longest WWE Championship reign is held by Bruno Sammartino with 2,803 days (Over 7 years).

10.Longest WWE Championship Reign