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What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how can it prevent ?

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how can it prevent

What is the corona virus and how does this virus spread? To avoid this, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for 20 to 30 seconds.
The more you use hand sanitizer, the safer you will be from this virus.
When a person suffering from coronavirus coughs or sneezes, fine particles of its spit are spread in the air. These particles contain the . If you go near the coronavirus person, then this virus gets inside you by breathing, due to which you will also get coronavirus.

If you are small in a place where coronavirus particles are falling and you wash your hands without touching your nose, mouth, and eyes, then this virus will go inside you.

Corona Virus case in punjab

What are the symptoms of coronavirus infection?

When the coronavirus reaches inside the human, then the coronavirus infects the lungs of the person, due to which the person first gets a fever, then comes a dry cough and then there is difficulty in breathing.

Virus infections start appearing inside the human on an average after 5 days, but scientists say that it takes longer to see signs of coronavirus in some humans.

WHO says that it takes 14 days between the symptoms of the virus to appear, so some researchers believe that the time may be more than 14 days.

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Whenever you cough or sneeze, place a tissue paper on your mouth and throw that paper in the dustbin at the same time. Wash hands without touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Stay away from humans suffering from coronavirus. Do not go to a crowded area.

Total Number of Corona Virus Cases in the world

So far, 3,23,365 people have got the corona virus in the whole world, so far 13,765 people have died in the whole world due to coronavirus. Have recovered 96,006 patients suffering from Coronavirus. But until now, the case of 2,13,316 coronaviruses is active in the whole world.