What is Computer and What is the full form of computer 

In today’s time everyone has seen and run computers. But do you know What is Computer and what is the full form of computer .

In today’s post, we will give you every information related to computers, due to which you will get to know a lot about computers.

There will be many people who will not know much about computers. In this post, we are going to tell you, what is a computer, what is the full form of a computer, who made a computer, What is computer and more.

What is the full form of computer 

Full Form of Computer is “Common operating machine intentionally used for technical and educational research.”

C = Common

O = Operating

M = Machine

I = Intentionally

U = Used

T = Technical 

E = Education

R = Research 

A computer is a very useful machine, due to which no one has been able to tie it into a definition till date.

There is more than one complete form of computer, different people and institutions have given different definitions.

But of the number of complete forms of computers, none of them are standard complete forms.

What is Computer in Hindi

What is Computer 

Now you have come to know about the Full form of computer, now we tell you what is a computer.

A computer is an electronic machine. Many people have the misconception that computer is an English word.

What is Computer
what is Computer

Actually it is derived from a Latin language word and the word was compute. Originally the word means calculation.

But this does not mean that a computer is a calculator, because hundreds of computers work together.

If you ask the survivor of the game what the computer is, he will probably answer you that the computer is a play station. If you ask a typist, he can answer that it is a Typewriter machine.

Computer has many meanings and it is also very difficult to define. Therefore computers cannot be tied in one sense.

Everyone will have a different definition for computers. The definition of computer also varies depending on the task.

How Many Types of Computers

There are three types of computers

  1. Based on Mechanism
  2. Based on Purpose
  3. Based on Size

Based on Mechanism

They are also divided into 3 parts based on Mechanism.

  1. Analog Computer
  2. Digital Computer
  3. Hybrid Computer

Analog Computer 

Analog computers fall under the category of computers that are used to measure physical units.

Analog computers measure pressure, temperature, length, etc. and convert them into digits.

Analog Computer
Analog Computer

In areas where quantities are used more, analog computers are used, such as in science and engineering, analog computers are more commonly used.

The best example of an analog is a petrol pump. Analog computers are used in petrol pumps.

The analog computer first measures the petrol coming out of the petrol pump and then shows it in liters and then calculates its value.

Digital Computer

If we talk about digital computers, these computers count digits.

Digital Computer
Digital Computer

Mostly digital computers are used, this computer converts data and programs to 0 and 1 and takes them in electronic form.

Hybrid Computer

These computers have many properties, due to which they are called hybrid computers.

Hybrid Computer
Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computers have the characteristics of both analog and digital computers, these computers are mostly used in hospitals.

The hybrid computer first measures the patient’s body temperature and then converts it into digits.

Hybrid computers accurately detect fluctuations in the patient’s health.

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Based on Purpose

There are two Types of Based On Purpose Computer 

  1. General purpose computer
  2. Special Purpose Computer

General Purpose Computer 

These computers have the ability to perform common tasks. On these computers you can write letters, prepare documents.

The efficiency of CPU used in this computer is very low, due to which only normal work can be done in these computers.

These computers are designed for general purposes only.

Special Purpose Computer

These computers are called special purpose computers because these computers are built to perform specialized tasks.

These computers have very high CPU capacity. These computers are mostly used in the fields of astronomy, meteorology, field of war, satellite operation, medicine, physics, traffic control, oceanography, agronomy, engineering, etc.

Based on Size Computer 

There are Four types

  1. Micro computer
  2. Mini Computer
  3. Mainframe Computer
  4. Supercomputer

Micro Computer

In the early days, when the computer arrived, its size was very large, due to which it was very difficult to keep it at home.

But a much larger invention was made in 1970 which was the invention of the microprocessor.

Due to this invention, the size of the computer was so small that you could put it on a desk. This is why they are called microcomputers.

Microcomputers are also smaller in size and cost less.

Mini Computer

The first mini computer was named PDP8. The mini computer was shaped like a refrigerator and cost $ 18,000.

This mini computer was designed by Digital Equipment Corporation. This mini computer was built in 1965.

More than one CPU is used in a mini computer and is used by computer level companies.

Mini computers are more powerful than microcomputers.

Mainframe Computer

The mainframe computer is very small in size and its capacity to store data is very high.

Mainframe computers are used in large companies such as banks, government departments.

This computer can work for 24 hours without shutting down. Some mainframe computer names are IBM 4381, ICL39 Series and CDC Cyber Series.


Supercomputers are much larger in size than other computers and the most data can be stored in these computers.

Supercomputers do their work very fast, due to which they are called supercomputers.

In these computers, a lot of CPUs are used simultaneously, which greatly increases their speed of work.

These computers are used in research work in large scientific and research laboratories, which send astronauts to space for space travel, forecast the weather, create high-quality animation images.

Who Invented the Computer ?

The computer was invented by Charles Babbage in the 19th century.

Charles Babbage was a professor of mathematics, Charles Babbage is also known as the father of computers.

Many people have contributed to the computer field, but Charles Babbage’s contribution is considered the most.

The reason behind this is that in 1837 Charles Babbage first offered an Analytical engine.

What are the Components of Computers 

Whatever type of computer you use, whether it is a gaming pc and a home pc, the five main components that make up a typical, current computer are:

  1. A motherboard
  2. A central processing unit (CPU)
  3. A graphics processing unit (GPU), also known as a video card
  4. Random Access Memory (RAM), also known as volatile memory
  5. Storage: Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Creating a computer without these five core components is implausible, each brand of PC has a different design and different brand components are used, but you will find five main components in each PC.

What is motherboard in computer 

Motherboard is the most important part of a computer, because every part of the computer is connected to Motherboard in some way.

A computer can never function without a motherboard.

The motherboard interconnects the internal components of the computer. It is a green circuit board.

Central processing units (CPUs), RAM, hard disks and I / O devices (keyboard, mouse, monitor, USB devices, etc.) are all connected to the motherboard itself.

What is CPU in Computer 

The world’s first CPU was built in 1970 by the Intel company. Since then, several changes have been made to the CPU.

CPU is a very important part of a computer, CPU is also known as processor or microprocessor.

Everything done in the computer is done with the help of the CPU.

Types of CPU

  1. Single Core CPU
  2. dual core CPU
  3. Quad core CPU
  4. Hexa core CPU
  5. octa core CPU
  6. Deca Core CPU

What is the Full Form of CPU 

The full form of the CPU is a central processing unit.

What is GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

The GPU is a very important part of the computer. What you see from the computer screen is only visible with the help of the GPU.

What is GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
What is GPU

The better your GPU, the better the visual will appear on your computer screen.

The GPU is used for most gaming PCs. Animation, images, video, gaming, swiping, pop ups, 3D animation do all such work from computer GPU.

What is the Full Form of GPU

Full Form of GPU is Graphics Processing Unit .

What is RAM

RAM is a volatile memory. The data stored in it does not last long, as long as your computer is powered on, the data remains in it, as soon as your computer turns off, all the data is removed from the RAM.

What is RAM

RAM is a very important part of a computer, it is also called the computer’s main memory, it keeps data of the work and instructions done by the CPU as long as the computer is powered on.

What is the Full Form of RAM

Full Form of RAM is Random Access Memory.

Types of RAM

RAM has two types

  1. SRAM
  2. DRAM

What is SRAM

SRAM is also a Volatile Memory, so its data remains static and does not have to be refreshed frequently.

This memory is used as cache memory.

It is a Static memory, so its data gets deleted after the computer is shut down.

Full Form of SRAM is Static Random Access Memory.

What is DRAM

To store data in DRAM you have to refresh repeatedly, only then data is stored in this RAM, DDR 3 RAM is a good example of this.

Full Form of DRAM is Dynamic Random Access Memory.

What is HDD 

Hard drive disks are used to store any type of data in a computer.

What is HDD
Hard Drive Disk

Any kind of movies, pictures, documents, software such as files are stored on the hard drive in your computer.

Full Form of HDD is Hard Drive Disk.

The Advantages of Computer

Every machine has its advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, computers also have their advantages and disadvantages. Now we are going to tell you the advantages of computers.

There are many benefits of a computer, we cannot tell you about all the benefits, but we will tell you about its benefits to some extent.


Speed is the biggest advantage of computers, computers have very high speed.

In the computer, we can do any type of calculation like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. Many calculations are done in a few seconds.


Computer speed is very high, so if you put the right input in it, it will give you 100% correct results.


You can easily store your documents, movies, music, data in a computer.


Computers are a very useful machine, due to which you can easily prepare payroll slips, electric bills etc.


Computers are very reliable. Computers can handle data for a long time.

Advantages of computer in education

Computers have many advantages in education, you can easily find the answer to any question from a computer.

Computers are very useful for any kind of examination preparation. With the help of the internet, you can also give an online demo test in it.

You can easily fill the form of any examination, due to which you save a lot of time.

You can also take classes online. In today’s time, computers are a very useful machine because with its help you can do anything.

Disadvantages of Computers

Every machine has its advantages and disadvantages, just like we told you about the advantages of computers, now we are going to tell you about the disadvantages of computers.

The threat of cyber attack is always there, due to which your personal information can be stolen from your computer.

Cyber attack is the biggest disadvantage of computers, anti virus can be used to stop this attack, but sometimes anti virus also cannot stop these attacks.

The risk of getting a virus, because of the Internet inside the computer, there is also the risk of getting a virus.

Virus always comes from pirated websites, then you should always stay away from pirated websites so that the risk of virus getting into your computer is less.

Where can a computer be used?

Nowadays computers can be used everywhere, we are going to tell you about some areas where computers can be used a lot, then you can also say that the computer is in those places. Is very necessary.

  1. Bank and financial
  2. business
  3. Communications
  4. Defense and military
  5. education
  6. Internet
  7. Treatment
  8. transportation
  9. Multimedia
  10. Robotics
  11. Simulation

What is Computer Explain in Video

In this post, we have told you what is a computer, what is the full form of  computer, types of computer, what is a gpu.
We hope you liked the information related to computer and this information will prove beneficial for you.

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